H2O + 4.0003 mM   NaOH

pH = 11.57

(at 25 °C)
Electrical conductivity:   950.8 µS/cm   (info)
Ionic strength:   3.998 mmol/L   (info)
Alkalinity:   4.0 meq/L   (info)
Total hardness:   0.0 meq/L   (info)
Carbonate hardness:   4.0 meq/L   (info)
Redox potential (Eh):   374 mV  

Elements   (in mM)

Na Na 4.00e+00
O(0) O(0) 6.58e-12

Aqueous Species   (in mM)

H+ 2.86e-09
OH- 4.00e+00
NaOH 2.48e-03
Na+ 4.00e+00
O2 3.29e-12

Minerals   (Ksp values)

Mineral Formula SI Saturation state
NaMetal Na -54.61 under-saturated

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