H2O + 30.5 mM   H2SO4
+ 31.65 mM   HNO3
+ atmospheric CO2   (pCO2 = 3.408)

pH = 1.23

(at 25 °C)
Electrical conductivity:   25722.5 µS/cm   (info)
Ionic strength:   77.736 mmol/L   (info)
Alkalinity:   -92.65 meq/L   (info)
Total hardness:   0.0 meq/L   (info)
Carbonate hardness:   0.0 meq/L   (info)
Redox potential (Eh):   369 mV  

(NOTE: No   preselected minerals   precipitate.)

Elements   (in mM)

C(4) DIC 1.31e-02
S S 3.05e+01
S(6) Sulfate 3.05e+01
S(4) Sulfite 4.63e-12
N(5) Nitrate 3.16e+01

Aqueous Species   (in mM)

H+ 6.99e+01
OH- 2.19e-10
CO2 1.31e-02
HCO3- 1.26e-07
CO3-2 1.95e-16
HNO3 7.11e-02
NO3- 3.16e+01
HSO4- 2.27e+01
SO4-2 7.83e+00
H2SO3 3.57e-12
HSO3- 1.06e-12
SO3-2 2.45e-18

Minerals   (Ksp values)

Mineral Formula SI Saturation state
Sulfur S -13.96 under-saturated

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